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The Sound of Architecture

October 19, 2012


I previously posted a thought about the similarity between lighting design and sound design (Sound Design/Light Design, July 2011). Today I came across an excellent TED Talk by sound consultant Julian Treasure about the importance of designing architecture with and for our ears.

For the past few years I seem to notice how a room sounds as much as how it looks, curious since I’ve spent my career working on the visual side of building design.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become particularly sensitive to how noise effects our aural environment. Just as glare makes it uncomfortable or even impossible to see, noise can greatly impact our ability to hear.

Aesthetically, even if the soundscape isn’t noisy it’s still providing our brains with information about the quality of the environment. Is it relaxing, stressful, exciting, confusing? Again, so many similarities to lighting.

What if we spent as much time designing for our ears as we do our eyes?

Here’s a link to that TED Talk. It’s worth watching:


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