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The Big Picture

July 14, 2011

I was recently asked by a casino client to help solve a lighting problem they were having at their table games.

A few months prior, they had succumbed to the claims of an LED lamp salesman and replaced all of the quartz halogen MR16 lamps in their pit with LED replacements. The pit boss was upset with the color and lack of brightness on the table, the surveillance team complained that the cameras could no longer see the faces of the cards or players, and management was concerned that players were spending a lot less time at the tables.

After a quick review of the situation I pointed out that the light levels were less than half of what they had been prior to the change, and the color being produced by the new lamps cast an ugly blue pal across the players and burgandy red table tops.

“But they save so much energy…” the maintenance supervisor replied.

Sure, but at what cost? Poor visibility? Uncomfortable guests? Reduced revenue?

This post isn’t a bash on LED’s (though many LED lamp replacements on the market today deserve it), but rather a comment that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture by focusing on only one thing.


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