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A New Old Name

July 7, 2010

Since 1993, Light Solutions was the name of my lighting design business in Las Vegas. That is, until we moved to Park City Utah eight years ago and discovered Light Solutions to be registered in Utah to a lighting retrofit company. I did some research and learned that Light Solutions/Utah had been inactive for a couple of years, so I called the owner and asked if he’d consider selling the name to me.

Nope. I explained that I had the URL “” for the past few years and that if they weren’t using the name anyway I’d really like to have it. Again, the answer was no.

I had to pick something pretty quickly as I had new work coming, so I simply used Ken Reynar Architectural Lighting Design (whew). That’s a mouthful to say or write.

I waited until Light Solutions/Utah failed to renew their name registration, then Utah code required that I wait five years longer. Five years was up today, and now we are Light Solutions again. It’s not a big deal because we’re a small firm and everyone connects my personal name to the business anyway, but it feels right to have a simple, descriptive moniker again.

Light Solutions. That’s better.


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