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BIM Software – I'm Not Convinced

August 4, 2009

Sure, I see the potential. What could be better than automating big parts of the construction document process and ending up with an active database of information that goes with the drawing? Creating a 3D model of the building as a part of DD’s/CD’s for visualization…I get it.

Unfortunately, my experience with all this wizzbangery is that the basic elements of the drawing database end up being a mess to work with. Lines that go nowhere into space, layers that make no sense, blocks that seem not to fit together quite right, etc., etc. As a designer that ends up using architects CAD drawings as backgrounds for my own work, ones created with BIM software generally tend to need a LOT more time just to be useable.

I don’t know if it’s the software or the execution, but so far I’m completely unimpressed with the end result of drawings created with this stuff.

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  1. August 18, 2009 8:04 pm

    I am totally disgusted with the design process of the 21st century. Between all the doo-daddery in files, to submittals for LEED, compliance checks, more “design” meetings to discuss project problems, etc… the whole process has become 98% in activities not at all related to building better environments and 2% actual creative work to produce livable space. I’ve seen and been party to silly “green” projects lighted with incandescent lamps (energy was not the focus, “green” design was???, “energy efficient buildings” wrapped in curtain walls of glass, where the lighting controls system designed to harvest all that daylight to cut energy use, was cut in a value engineering meeting due to the project budget getting blown up paying for the decorative fountain works in the front courtyard. If we were actually building better, designing better, and needing all this gadgetry to accomplish something really valuable – go for it. If all we are doing is wrapping the same old pile of smelly stuff in a high tech mylar bag, then I’m out. Life is too short to waste hours of it on this silliness.

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